The wine region of Rioja is located in the Valley of the Ebro. It covers the land from the north in Sierra de Cantabria to the south Sierra de la Demanda which constitutes a privileged situation for the cultivating of the grapevine.

Though small in extension, the region of La Rioja possesses different soils and climatic zones. This aspect favors the development of the grape vine, since it provides different characteristics that stamp the peculiarity of our wines.


As the area of Rioja descends from west to east, the climate becomes increasingly dry and hot due to the influence of the Mediterranean.

This plurality of areas does not suppose differentiation in the quality of the wine, since la Rioja wine is elaborated by selected grapes proceeding from the different areas.

The diversity of the earth and of the climate causes that this wine region is divided in three subfields: Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alavesa.

wine bottles Rioja Denomination of Origin
The passage of time and the experience of vine-growers and makers has managed to develop a natural selection of those varieties of grape that were demonstrating better qualities of adjustment to the climatology of riojan soils and that, at the same time, were capable of providing wines of the highest qualities. Fruit of this historical process are the seven varieties that today are authorized by the Regulation of the Denomination of Origin Qualified Rioja.